Green Investment Management holds these three ideas as anchors for our investment methodology:

Active Management – Green Investment Management’s (GIM) distinctive offerings are actively managed investment strategies designed to balance both the opportunities and risks inherent in rapidly changing markets. GIM manages its allocations with an active defensive style. Each allocation has a defined strategic mix of asset classes which are regularly adjusted within tactical ranges as market conditions change. This disciplined approach focuses on risk management and is designed for investors who place greater emphasis on principal preservation but still want opportunities for growth.

We use ETFs – GIM relies heavily on the use of passively managed ETFs in its portfolios in an effort to replicate the performance of various indices, gross-of-fees. By utilizing these passively managed ETFs, GIM does not need to perform individual security analysis and can focus instead on the more important matter of implementing its tactical strategies.

Strategic & Tactical – Our blend of strategic and tactical styles of management distinguishes GIM from many managers. We have the flexibility to take advantage of “fat pitches” (i.e., unusually attractive opportunities that may present themselves in short-term environments) or to reduce exposure to overpriced segments of the markets, while simultaneously maintaining a diversified framework for the portfolio as a whole. Once the risks or opportunities pass, GIM will return the portfolio to its original strategic asset mix.