Byron D. Green, Jr.

Byron Green is the President and founder of Green Investment Management, Inc. (GIM). He developed all of GIM’s global tactical asset allocation portfolios since the firm’s inception in 1984.

Byron graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance with honors. In his early career he was a registered representative of a large broker-dealer. Following this, he went on to establish a broker-dealer that employed a number of registered representatives serving a broad clientele. In 1981, Byron completed the College of Financial Planning program and received the CFP designation.

In 1984, Byron founded Green Investment Management and registered as an investment advisor. The firm offered actively managed investment strategies using a disciplined approach focused on precise risk management. In 2001, Byron was one of the early proponents of using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’S) to reduce cost, enhance the tax efficiency and gain exposure to additional asset classes for portfolio enhancement. During his 35 years of managing investment and retirement portfolios for advisors and their clients, Byron has developed and applied an investment process based on disciplined consistency, rigorous analysis and critical review.