Green Investment Management, Inc. is an established investment firm with a 37-year history of tactically managing global asset allocations and focused investment strategies. Using a rigorous risk management process and cutting-edge tools, we provide our expertise to investors across the nation. We serve financial professionals and their clients primarily through separate account and wealth management platforms. Having used exchange traded funds (ETF) in our models for years, we are recognized as an experienced ETF strategist and separate account manager.

We are located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, “Where the West Begins.” Fort Worth is a blend of cowboy history, cultural sophistication, and a forward-looking, business-friendly attitude. Like the Texas frontier, asset markets serve up their own harsh and volatile cycles. We look after our investors in all climates, working to keep their best interests at the center of all we do. We believe that what investors really need from Wall Street is “someone they can trust, and someone they can count on.”

With a heritage of hard work, honesty, loyalty and discipline, we want our clients to view that level of service as an expectation, rather than an exception.

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Our portfolio manager, Byron Green, has over 36 years of investment management experience.

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