With 39 years of experience successfully managing global assets and developing targeted strategies, Green Investment Management, Inc. is a veteran investment firm. Utilizing meticulous risk management and innovative tools, we offer expertise to investors seeking effective stewardship of their assets. Our main clients are financial professionals and their investors. Through extensive use of exchange-traded funds in our models, we have become recognized as skilled ETF strategists and account managers.

Headquartered in vibrant, business-friendly Fort Worth, Texas, with its rich cowboy history and cultural refinement, we draw inspiration from the adaptability of the frontier. Like the Texas climate, markets experience unpredictability and volatility. Regardless of conditions, safeguarding our investors’ interests and well-being is our utmost priority. We believe investors seek advisors they can trust, and we proudly uphold that standard.

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To meet diverse investment needs, we offer a wide range of options. For conservative investors, we provide our Guardian Fixed Income Allocation. Those seeking more aggressive growth can choose our Guardian Country Allocation. With a variety of strategies, we have an investment solution for every individual.


Leveraging over 39 years of investment management expertise, our portfolio manager Byron Green provides deep knowledge and skill.

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