With over 39 years of portfolio management experience, Green Investment Management, Inc. (GIM) has established a strong reputation in the industry. Our collaborative approach with financial professionals and clients enables us to provide comprehensive traditional and alternative investment solutions. As a privately owned corporation headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, our conservative management style and steadfast commitment to exceptional service have earned recognition.

Central to our investment philosophy is a focus on risk management, which has been instrumental in developing diverse, successful strategies over our decades of experience in equity management. Leveraging this expertise, we have expanded our portfolio to encompass comprehensive global asset allocation, fixed income solutions, emerging markets, disruptive technologies, and alternative investments. This highlights our dedication to providing investment options that effectively meet evolving client needs.

We firmly believe risk management is key to long-term success. To manage risk, we employ techniques like diversification, asset allocation, and hedging, while closely monitoring conditions to make tactical adjustments as needed. With confidence our stalwart commitment to risk management will continue benefiting clients, we remain resolute in this cornerstone of our approach.